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FY2023 Appropriations & NDAA Request Form

If you have a budgetary or policy proposal for Fiscal Year 2023, please complete the below form no later than close of business on the applicable date listed in the table below.

Appropriations/Authorization BillDeadline for SubmissionStaffer
NDAA, DefenseMarch 18, 2022Hunter Ryan
SFOPS, MILCON/VA, AgricultureApril 18, 2022Adam Derrouis
Financial Services, Labor-Health and Human Services-Education, Leg BranchApril 18, 2022James Deatley
CJS, Homeland Security, T-HUD, Energy and WaterApril 18, 2022Hannah Cooper
InteriorApril 18, 2022George Robinson

Please note that Congressman Brown will not be able to support all proposals received, and that the committees view more favorably proposals received from multiple members. Additionally, Congressional Brown is provisionally accepting requests for Community Project Funding (formerly known as earmarks) in the event they are included in FY2023. Congressional rules for earmarks have not been finalized and Congressman Brown's ability to consider them for this fiscal year is contingent on further guidance from the Committee on Appropriations.
Version: 2022.02.04.2352
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Type: A Programmatic Request is a request to fund a specific federal program at a specified level. A Language Request is a request to include specific bill or report language that does not direct funding to a particular entity but encourages or directs some type of action by an agency.

Agency: Examples are Defense Wide, Army, Air Force, or Navy

Account: Examples are Personnel, O&M, Procurement, or RDT&E

Request Overview
Please provide the other offices that have received your request to allow us to coordinate with all stakeholders.
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