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As we continue to climb out of one of the worst economic recessions in American history, we must invest in working, middle-income families and small businesses. While big banks and the wealthy have regained their footing, too many Americans have been left behind. Ensuring all people have the chance to succeed is a key trait of the American Dream. Instituting sound fiscal policy and embracing a pro-innovation economy will enable us to overcome the challenges of the 21st century. By empowering minority owned firms and strengthening local businesses, we will build opportunities within the Fourth District and increase pathways to opportunity for hardworking Marylanders. Investing in development of employees and empowering entrepreneurs fuels the engine of our economy and propels us forward.

I have a long history of supporting minority and women-owned businesses in the State of Maryland. Investing in the future and livelihoods of smaller firms solidifies our local and national economy, and paves the road to stable middle class lifestyles. In addition, we need to ease the burden for community banks to provide credits to small, women and minority-owned businesses and families looking to invest in their futures. Furthermore, looking for ways for larger corporations located in the District to partner with local businesses to create sustainable relationships will increase the vitality of our local economy.

Anyone willing to put in the hard work needed to get ahead should not be left behind. Today, families are having to put in more hours just to stay afloat. We need to make it easier for working class families to file taxes, open businesses, and join unions. Instituting common sense workplace and employee protections does not hold us back, they allow businesses to attain sustainable growth over the long term. This also includes closing the gender pay gap, raising the minimum wage, and supporting paid family and sick leave. No American should have to choose between their job and their health or the health of a family member.

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