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Brown: Donald Trump Is Unfit For Office

August 17, 2017
Press Release
Congressman Anthony G. Brown (MD-04) released the following statement after President Trump defended Confederate monuments and continuously failed to condemn the actions of white supremacists in Charlottesville:

“Donald Trump is unfit for office. His despicable actions this week have confirmed that he lacks the moral fortitude to be the leader of the free world and simply cannot be trusted to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic. I will vote in favor of censure, and call on Congressional Republicans to take meaningful action to rein in this Administration.

“Donald Trump’s response to the savage actions of white supremacists and extremists in Charlottesville and his convoluted and distorted rationalization of the murder of Heather Heyer, is shameful and unbecoming of the President of the United States. He lacks a basic understanding of and appreciation for our nation’s values, as well as of the history of the struggles and sacrifices that have been made by generations of Americans to perfect our imperfect nation. By openly embracing those who seek to sow fear and division and, by legitimizing extremism and violence, President Trump is threatening the very heart of our democracy and our free society.

“We cannot stand idly by and allow Donald Trump to tear our great country apart or drive it into darkness. A country that survived a Civil War to realize freedom for millions – whose Greatest Generation fought and died to defeat Nazism and extend prosperity, and whose sons and daughters of different faiths, races, gender, ethnicity, orientation and identification rose in non-violent protest to defeat Jim Crow and expand equality and justice – demands and deserves better.

“But the true test of a country’s strength and moral authority is how it rises to meet moments of adversity. We must do what is hard. We must remove monuments of the Confederacy that glorify our racist past from our public lands, city squares and the halls of Congress. We must end the permissive culture on our college campuses and our online spaces where hate festers and the alt-right movement actively recruits our young people. Just as we have done time and time again, we will resist this assault on our way of life and will confront this evil.”