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Brown Statement on President Trump’s Decision to Withdraw from the Iran Deal

May 8, 2018
Press Release

“A nuclear-armed Iran today or anytime in the future is unacceptable. The Iran Deal is imperfect, but has constrained Iran’s uranium enrichment program. It is a mistake to walk away. It is a bigger mistake to do so unilaterally.


“Our allies, the International Atomic Energy Agency and even some in the President’s Administration have confirmed the efficacy of the deal, and have urged the U.S. remain in the agreement. Rather than making this impulsive and politically motivated decision that undermines American credibility and leadership, the President should work with our allies on a responsible path forward that increases rigorous enforcement and addresses flaws in the JCPOA. Iran’s ballistic missile program must end and Iran must be held accountable for its human rights abuses, support for terrorism, and destabilizing regional behavior.


“While President Trump has shown a reckless eagerness to tear up the JCPOA, he has yet to articulate a strategy for how to confront Iran and guarantee they do not obtain a nuclear weapon. Trump’s withdrawal will have dangerous consequences for the international community. It is uncertain how our European allies, Russia and China will collectively react while Iran - which has realized the frontloaded benefits of the agreement - can now renege on its nuclear commitments.”