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Brown Statement on Strikes on Syria and Need for Strategy, AUMF

April 13, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Anthony G. Brown (MD-04) relased the following statement after the United States launched strikes against Sryia following a suspected chemical attack near Damascus last week:

"The Assad regime’s repeated use of chemical weapons against civilians is reprehensible, abhorrent and a crime against humanity. The United States cannot look away when a dictator brazenly violates international law. We must deter Assad from using these weapons, degrade and eliminate his ability to manufacture these weapons, and make it abundantly clear we will not tolerate their use ever again.

"The presence of thousands of American service members in Syria countering ISIL, supporting our local partners and stabilizing newly liberated territory, makes it even more important that we eliminate the possibility of chemical weapons being deployed in Syria.

"However, any strike will not be effective without a comprehensive and coherent strategy. This strategy must marshal our economic, diplomatic, information and military resources to permanently stop Assad from committing war crimes. We must also send a clear message to Assad’s patrons and supporters in Russia and Iran, while moving Syria closer to a negotiated solution that ends the conflict and humanitarian crisis.

"Congress and the American people are entitled to an open debate on our policy objectives and strategic goals and the President must come before Congress for the authority to engage in a sustained use of military force.