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Congressman Brown released the following statement after President Trump announced his decision to ban transgender people from military service

July 26, 2017
Press Release

“I am deeply disappointed in President Trump’s decision to withdraw such a fundamental right from American citizens. I firmly believe that all people, regardless of gender identification, should have the right, privilege and responsibility to participate in the defense of our country. Thousands of transgender Americans are honorably serving in the military, and I reject any action that diminishes their courage and sacrifice. This is a dark day for our Armed Forces and our nation.

“President Trump's rationale harkens back to a more ignorant and intolerant time, where words like ‘disruption’ and ‘not a social experiment’ were used to keep women, African Americans and gays and lesbians from fully participating in our military services. Today, there is a long line of distinguished women, African Americans, and gay and lesbian service members – many of whom serve in the highest ranks and many more who have paid the ultimate price in defense of our freedoms. There is also a long line of transgender Americans – who like any citizen – yearn for the opportunity to serve and are ready to give up their lives for the United States.

“As a veteran who served thirty years in the United States Army including a tour of duty in Iraq, and as a member of Congress, I welcome transgender people into the military, and I will defend their right to serve our nation.”