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Congressman Brown Statement After Republicans Pull TrumpCare

March 24, 2017
Press Release

Congressman Anthony Brown (MD-04) released the follow statement after House Republicans pulled their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act:

“In America health care is a right for everybody, not a privilege for the few. This was a poorly crafted bill that would have kicked 24 million Americans off their health insurance; increased costs for veterans, seniors and middle class families; removed maternity care, prescription drug coverage and emergency room services from insurance plans; and, ended Medicaid as we know it. I am proud to have stood against this disastrous bill from day 1.

“Real people rely on the Affordable Care Act. More people are insured today than ever before, seniors receive discounts on their prescription drugs and Americans are now getting free preventive care like mammograms and vaccinations. Just as we worked together to strengthen and improve Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, I hope we can do more to lower costs and increase coverage in our healthcare system.

“This victory belongs to the millions of Americans - including many in my District - who organized, mobilized and made their voices heard. This is the only way we can continue to stand up against President Trump and resist the GOP agenda.”