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The Military Surveyed Troops on Extremist Activity Decades Ago. Here's What it Found

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Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Maryland, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, told earlier this year that he'd like to see a more specific question added to climate surveys -- one that specifically references white nationalism and racism, rather than just extremism. He said he hopes the process will encourage more candid responses and give an accurate sense of what's happening unit to unit. Read more »

Army Says It’s $1 Billion Short on Coronavirus Prep

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“This administration has failed to take adequate steps to prepare for an outbreak of this magnitude. President Trump has not delivered the adequate testing he has promised, allowing America to fall behind countries far smaller than the United States. Additionally, shortsighted staffing decisions and funding choices at the CDC and USAMRIID have hamstrung and delayed critical steps needed to ensure the safety of this country and our constituents,” Rep. Anthony Brown (D-MD) told The Daily Beast. Read more »

Coronavirus: Army Experts Press Hard For Vaccines, Diagnostics

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But, Maryland Democrat Anthony Brown asked during the hearing, isn’t Fort Detrick struggling with funding shortfalls? The infectious diseases center at the fort and its sister center for chemical warfare defense are largely funded by reimbursements from other government agencies, military and civilian, that contract with them to do research. Those reimbursements have been drying up, Rep. Brown said. Read more »

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