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Brown, Cisneros, Escobar, Sherrill and 27 Lawmakers Demand Answers on Diverted Military Funds for Border Wall Construction

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“Military families are paying the price for President Trump’s ineffective vanity project,” said Congressman Anthony Brown. “In cancelling hundreds of projects across the country, including child care centers in my district, the Trump Administration is failing to live up to the promises we make to our troops and their families. Mexico isn’t paying for this wall, the burden is falling on these brave families.” Read more »

Brown and Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Raise Concerns with the Potential Reduction of Forces in Africa

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“The execution of stability operations in Africa and meeting China and Russia in great power competition are not mutually exclusive,” the lawmakers wrote. “Rather than retreat from African affairs, it is in the interest of the United State to continue to share democratic values and military expertise with developing nations across the continent.” Read more »

Congressman Anthony Brown: With each escalation, Trump puts us closer to an unconstitutional and potentially catastrophic war that will cost us tremendously

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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Anthony G. Brown, Vice Chair of the House Armed Services Committee and a 30-year combat veteran, released the following statement on the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani and escalations with Iran: "President Trump has failed to effectively engage or counter Iran and has forced the United States into an endless cycle of escalation that risks wider war, endange... Read more »

TMCF Lauds Budget for Delivering for HBCUs

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The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) expresses its appreciation to the U.S. Congress and the Trump Administration for making record investments in HBCUs in the FY2020 Appropriations Bills. These bills include record-levels of funding for Title III funding, Historically Black College and University (HBCU) research, and student financial aid. Read more »

Warren, Brown, Adams, Colleagues Raise Concerns Over Inadequate DoD Science and Engineering Funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and other Minority Serving Institutions

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DoD is the largest employer of scientists and engineers in the nation and the second largest funder of academic research and development. While colleges and universities nationwide received over $4.1 billion in DoD science and engineering funding in Fiscal Year 2017, HBCUs received a mere 0.4% of those funds despite graduating nearly 30 percent of all African-American STEM professionals. Read more »

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