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Congressman Brown Highlights Neighborhood Impact of Purple Line Delays, Calls for A Real Plan from Governor Hogan

Washington, October 5, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Anthony G. Brown (D-MD) highlighted how Governor Larry Hogan’s mismanagement of the Purple Line project has impacted Prince George’s County neighborhoods. Contractors have halted construction and are preparing to walk off the job, over cost-disputes with the state. The project may be delayed until 2026 or later.

The Purple Line was supposed to connect Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties, creating job and education opportunities for residents as well as providing community revitalization. Mid-construction, many roads along what would become the light-rail line have been torn-up and closed, and half-finished overpasses and construction sites now sit dormant. Meanwhile, traffic and congestion in Maryland continues to get worse.

“The loss of opportunities for our communities and the blight of this unfinished project on our neighborhoods is a constant reminder of the complete and utter failure by Governor Hogan. After delaying the Purple Line after being elected, scaling the project back before hand-picking the lowest-cost bid, Governor Hogan now fiddles while the partnership is on the verge of collapse. Aside from vague vapid promises, the governor hasn’t provided a real plan for how he will get the Purple Line back on track,” said Congressman Brown. “Raiding other state transportation funds is not an option. Governor Hogan must get back to the negotiation table, demonstrate he can actually cut a deal, and deliver the Purple Line as quickly as possible. This is about quality of life for Marylanders and the future of our state’s economy. We all deserve better.”

Governor Hogan's first and only statement on Purple Line delays, attacked the construction firm he personally chose for this project and claimed there was “a whole group of great construction companies that want to finish the job.” No real plan has been laid out and he took no responsibility. Transferring the project at this stage could cost Maryland taxpayers millions of dollars and unacceptable delays.

Compounding the state’s looming transportation crisis, The Maryland Department of Transportation has proposed slashing nearly $3 billion from its six-year capital budget including; delaying $900 million in road projects, $500 million in improvements to Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport and cuts to commuter buses and MARC service.

Watch the series of videos below.

Congressman Brown in Riverdale: here

Congressman Brown in College Park: here

Congressman Brown in Langley Park: here


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