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Two Red Line Stations Are Closing, Just As Four Green Line Stations Open Back Up


Shady Grove and Rockville Red Line riders will soon go through three months of closures, just days after four Green Line stations reopened on Tuesday.

Crews will replace the aging canopy above Rockville’s platform from September 11 to December 4 and make other improvements, including adding LED lights, new passenger info screens, and an upgraded sound system for station announcements. Shady Grove will get a new mezzanine stairway to alleviate crowding and canopy repairs. Track work will also be done during the closures.

Red Line trains bound for Glenmont will start at Twinbrook. For riders who drive to the rail system and usually park at the closed stations, WMATA is recommending to park at Twinbrook or White Flint instead.

Meanwhile, two shuttles will run:

  • Local service with stops at Shady Grove, Rockville, and Twinbrook stations will run every 10 minutes when the Metrorail system is open.
  • Express service between Shady Grove and Twinbrook will run between 4:30 a.m. and 9 p.m. weekdays only, every five minutes during peak periods, 10 minutes off-peak.

Several parking lots and bus stop locations will also change. Rockville’s west side bus loop will close and move to Rockville Pike and the west Kiss & Ride Lot, which is closed to passenger vehicles. The east Kiss & Ride Lot is still open for pick up and drop-off.

At Shady Grove, the west Kiss & Ride Lot is closed to provide shuttle bus service. The east Kiss & Ride Lot is available for pick-up and drop-off.


Meanwhile, riders returned to Greenbelt, College Park, Prince George’s Plaza, and West Hyattsville stations for the first time today in three months.

Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld and Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Maryland) toured the newly-renovated Prince George’s Plaza station, where rebuilt platforms have replaced the crumbling concrete. New, less slippery tiles cover the ground, plus there’s new lighting overhead, and new shelters with charging ports and digital maps and information displays. The renovated stations also have upgraded surveillance systems, clearer speakers for announcements, and new fare gates.

“This is an exciting day in Prince George’s County,” Brown said today. “We have an obligation to make an investment in transit.”

It was also the first weekday of increased service levels, including the return of the Yellow Line all the way to Greenbelt. Delays persisted throughout the day as trains halted and bunched up along the Green and Yellow line because of signal and track circuitry issues.

Metro has now completed needed work at 17 of 20 outdoor stations. The next platform rebuilding project is scheduled for next summer on the Orange Line at Cheverly, Landover, and New Carrollton stations. Weidefeld said today that he hopes bigger maintenance projects like this become less frequent as the transit agency catches up on needed work.

“You see the penalty you pay if you don’t keep up with [regular maintenance],” Wiedefeld said. “If you wait and wait and wait then you have to have greater impact. We’re just about to the point, above that curve where these things become just normal maintenance and not these big projects.”

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