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Congressman Anthony Brown: Biden’s Steadfast Commitment to NATO is Essential to Deterring Putin

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Anthony G. Brown (MD-04), a 30-year Army veteran, released the following statement regarding recent New York Times reporting on the Biden Administration’s efforts to counter Russian aggression against Ukraine and Eastern Europe:

“President Biden has made clear to Vladimir Putin that his threatening actions toward Ukraine and our allies and partners in Eastern Europe will not be tolerated. For more than seventy years, NATO and our European alliances have been at the forefront in deterring broader conflict and maintaining the global order. I commend the Biden Administration's willingness to reinforce NATO and its steadfast commitment to defending our allies from Russian aggression and the expansion of authoritarianism.  

“I served in Germany during the end of the Cold War and witnessed first-hand how our cooperation with European allies was essential to constraining Soviet power. We need that same resolve to ensure stability and security in Eastern Europe at this critical moment.”



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