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With Hoover building deteriorating, FBI headquarters set for 2022 move to DC suburbs


The FBI will soon be leaving Washington. After talks fizzled years ago, the relocation of the FBI headquarters is once again on the front burner.

President Joe Biden has unveiled his budget for the fiscal year 2023, which includes language to ensure the FBI will have a new suburban headquarters that will house 7,500 employees.

The aging and deteriorating Edgar Hoover Building downtown are on its last legs. The reality is, none of the FBI’s two dozen current buildings meet necessary security requirements, especially for IT infrastructure.

This new $2.5 billion, 2.1 million-square-foot facility will be state-of-the-art and will be located in either Greenbelt, Maryland, Landover, Maryland, or Franconia, Virginia.

Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., says the new home for the FBI will be announced by the fall.

“We are pleased that President Biden’s Budget for Fiscal Year 2023 includes language for the new FBI headquarters. This has been a top priority for Team Maryland: the new campus will ensure that 7,500 employees have a suitable and secure location to protect our national security," Van Hollen said in a statement. "The President’s budget is evidence that his Administration is serious about moving forward with a consolidated headquarters that can effectively serve the American people. We look forward to working with President Biden and his Administration to continue advancing this project, and are confident the Maryland sites in Greenbelt and Landover are the best locations for a consolidated FBI headquarters location. We join in thanking President Biden for his dedication to this important priority, and we continue to advocate for the Greenbelt and Landover sites as they are the best locations for this project," said Van Hollen.

As for the site of the old headquarters on Pennsylvania Avenue, there’s talk of office space, retail and potentially even a new Smithsonian museum.

Area lawmakers have called it a critical national security priority.

Since 2004, the FBI has been discussing a new consolidated facility with the General Services Administration.

The Trump administration abruptly stopped the move, suggesting a new headquarters on the existing site. For years the FBI has claimed that the old Edgar Hoover building does not provide adequate security and does not meet critical needs.

“Getting the FBI a new, consolidated headquarters remains a critical national security priority,” said the lawmakers. “The language signed into law today will require that the GSA select a site from one of the three options previously identified by the GSA and the FBI during the Obama Administration, each of which can meet the needs of a new FBI. With the structural integrity of the Hoover Building in disrepair, this project is crucial to ensuring the FBI can carry out its mission. We have informed the Biden Administration that we want a site selected for the new headquarters in 180 days because of the urgent need for a site that meets our current national security challenges – a consideration that was neglected by the Trump Administration. We continue to believe that the Maryland sites offer the best opportunity for a new, consolidated FBI headquarters and will keep working to achieve that goal.”, said Congressman Anthony Brown, who represents Maryland's 4th Congressional District.

GSA has 90 days to confirm that all three locations are feasible and then by September will select the new home of the FBI.

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