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Congressman Brown Statement on Meeting with President Trump

Congressman Anthony Brown (MD-04) released the follow statement after his meeting with President Trump:

“Congressional Black Caucus leadership and I had a productive meeting with President Trump on education, criminal justice reform, voting rights, economic opportunity and ways to empower African American communities.  The President was engaged, respectful and demonstrated a willingness to continue the conversation with the CBC. During our discussion, I spoke specifically about the need to restore and expand Pell Grant funding, support HBCUs, and how the federal government can revitalize communities through investment and development.

“The President expressed his desire to work with the CBC on these issues, and I will hold the President and his Administration to this commitment. President Trump and I have genuine disagreements, I continue to have concerns about the direction of his Administration, and my values will prevent me from supporting much of his agenda. But on infrastructure, workforce development, and supporting our veterans – there is the possibility of common ground.

“After our meeting, I delivered a letter to President Trump regarding the construction of a new headquarters for the FBI – an important issue to the Fourth Congressional District and the State of Maryland. President Trump can play a pivotal role in selecting a site for the FBI headquarters, a project that deserves to be in Prince George’s County but faces ongoing delay."

Congressman Brown and the Congressional Black Caucus executive committee met with President Trump for 60 minutes in the White House. The Caucus also presented the President with a set of policy proposals and solutions his Administration could engage on to advance issues important to the African American Community. This document can be found here.

The letter Congressman Brown delivered to President Trump on the FBI headquarters can be viewed here. Senator Cardin, Senator Van Hollen and Congressman Hoyer signed-on to the letter.

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