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Congressman Brown’s Reaction to Proposed Superconducting Maglev Between Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC, October 11, 2017

Today, Congressman Anthony G. Brown (MD-04) published an open letter outlining his reaction to the recently proposed magnetic levitation (Maglev) track alignments between Washington and Baltimore. The high-speed rail project promises greater regional connectivity and economic development. However, it has been met with community apprehension regarding costs, neighborhood disruptions and lack of sufficient local input. In his letter, Congressman Brown cited his concerns with the recent proposal, and reaffirmed his commitment to protecting the interests of residents of Maryland’s Fourth Congressional District.

“The idea of bringing an innovative form of transportation to our region is enticing and there is certainly an allure to travel from Washington to New York City in a train moving 300 mph,” said Congressman Brown’s in his letter. “The reality is that the United States is behind most countries around the world — Japan, China, France, Great Britain and Spain — that successfully operate high-speed rail networks to the benefit of their communities. Consequently, it makes sense that we should strive to bring such technology to the United States. That said, I believe that we should adopt any such project in a responsible manner that includes a transparent process with sufficient public input. Further, as the representative of Maryland’s 4th Congressional district, I will only be able to support this project if it does not disrupt neighborhoods and brings tangible local benefits to our communities.”

Read the letter here.

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